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Buyer/New Resident Information

New Owners

  1. After closing the title company mails closing information to Goodwin & Company to update the new owner information. This can take about 3 weeks to transfer the new owner into the database. 
  2. New owners receive a Welcome letter from Goodwin & Company after the ownership data updated. 
  3. The Welcome Committee will deliver a welcome bag, about 1 month after the closing, to the Plum Creek address.
  4. Owners can sign into the Plum Creek HOA resident website after they receive the Welcome letter from Goodwin & Company.
  5. Download the Nabr app to access the Plum Creek HOA website from your phone. 


Plum Creek HOA 2022 Dues schedule:
  • $171.00 per quarter
  • Gated Peninsula Section: $509.97 per quarter 
  • Commercial- based on acres
Payment due dates:
  • January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st (prepayments are accepted)
  • Late after 30 days. Late fee $36.00
Link to: What Your Assessments Pay For

Architectural Changes
Area Utilities
Community Matters
HOA Communication
HOA Governing Documents
Mailing Address
Notices of Violations
Plum Creek Website Access
Pool Key & Rec ID
Resale Certificate Information
Street Lights
Street Parking
Welcome Packet

Architectural Changes

Architectural Change Request Form

For all permanent exterior changes, the owner on record submits the architectural review committee approval application form to the Plum Creek HOA office at 4100 Everett, suite 150, Kyle, TX  78640. The form will be submitted to the architectural review committee for approval. Typical turnaround is about 7 to10 business days, unless there are multiple applications being reviewed, then it can take 14 to 21 business days. 

Approval notices are emailed to the email provided on the application.

The following should be submitted along with the application:

1. Plat of house (indicated in line 3 on application):

Where do you find a copy of the plot plan?

Original survey included in the closing documents, filed in Hays County Records, City of Kyle Building Department, ask your neighbors who provided the original survey on their plot plan and contact that company to see if they surveyed your lot and request a copy of the survey from them. 

2. List of materials

3. Color and size of materials

4. Construction plans- hand drawing or contractor drawing

Submission of all these items will expedite your request. Any items that are missing can cause a delay in the review process.

It is best to submit the request before making the exterior changes to save yourself time and money. If it is installed improperly, you can be asked to move or remove the item which may cost you extra money.

Items requiring submission of the architectural review form:
xeriscaped lawns, satellite dishes, sheds, fences, landscape pavers, patio extension, trellis, patio covers, house additions.

Note: satellite dishes should be installed on the back of the house or to the garage so as not to be seen from the front public street. 

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Area Utilities

Electricity Provider:
Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC)- 888-554-4732

Natural Gas:
CenterPoint Energy- 800-427-7142

Water and Trash:
City of Kyle Utilities- 512-262-3960

****Trash pick up day- Tuesday. Store your trash and recycling cans behind fence, inside garage or behind approved screen by Thursday.

Trash Service Vendor:
Texas Disposal Systems (TDS)- 512-421-1340 (call for missed cart pick up or additional service)

Spectrum, Dish Network, DirecTV dish service

Land Line Phone Service:
Frontier, Spectrum

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Community Matters

Living in a homeowners association can be overwhelming to new owners with all the rules and regulations. Gaining a full understanding about the business of the association is a learning process. Community Associations Institute (CAI) has information for owners, board members and community managers that help to educate and inform about the business of homeowners associations. Additional information can also be found on Texas Community Association Advocates (TCAA) website which also provides more specific information about Texas laws that affect how homeowners associations are governed.

CAI Community Matters 
TCAA Nine Great Benefits of HOAs

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HOA Communication

Plum Creek owners stay informed by accessing HOA information on the Plum Creek HOA website, the monthly mailed newsletter, and the weekly eNews. Owners can also attend the annual meeting to hear a summary of the previous years expenses and accomplishments as well reviewing the planned future expenses.
  1. Plum Creek website: there is a private side to this website that only residents can access. 
  2. The monthly newsletter arrives in the mail. The publication contains follow up articles about neighborhood events, helpful gardening and landscaping tips, HOA specific information.
  3.  Weekly emailed eNews 
These social media outlets provide helpful tips about living in Plum Creek. With over 1900 homes this is the fastest ways to keep owners updated.

Resident Communication
How do you keep over 7000 residents informed? Plum Creek Home Owners Association (HOA) has 2100 homes. There are several communication methods used to keep owners and residents informed.

Plum Creek Website:

Weekly eNews– news emailed weekly to residents that subscribe to eNews service

Board Meetings- quarterly. Addtional meetings are scheduled as needed. 

Annual Meeting: Prior year events summarized during the annual meeting.

The Plum Creek website is available 24 hours a day for residents to access at their convenience. You can find answers to most questions about
  • Exterior Architectural Changes
  • Notices of Violations
  • Payment Options
  • Copies of the Governing Documents
  • Reserving the community center
  • Monthly Newsletter
The monthly newsletter informs residents about:
  • Annual Social Events
  • Monthly Social Events
  • Dues payments reminders
  • Notices of Violations
  • Architectural Changes
  • Landscaping Tips
  • Policy Changes
Copies of the monthly newsletter are saved on the Plum Creek website. Many articles are seasonal and are repeated annually. Newsletter articles are designed to be informative.

Are you interested in helping improve Plum Creek? Join one of our executive committees and help make informed decisions for the community. 

Resident Communication - More information
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HOA Governing Documents

Link to Goodwin Management website for Plum Creek containing the Governing Documents: 

HOA Governing Documents- Purpose
Governing documents for a community association are given out to all residents in an HOA. They contain the declaration, articles of incorporation, bylaws and rules that HOA. Governing documents must be followed and changes to these documents can only be made after a successful vote.

The Different Documents

Your HOA governing documents are made up of several different documents. Each one is necessary for properly running and maintaining your HOA.
Declaration – Also known as the declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions or CC&Rs, this document tells homeowners what they can and cannot do in regards to the real estate.

Articles of Incorporation – The articles of incorporation define the HOA as a corporation with a governing board, which makes decisions for improving the community association.

Bylaws – The bylaws are guidelines for the HOA. It explains how the association operates and includes information on meetings, elections, quorums, board member duties and all other processes needed to run the HOA.

Rules and Regulations – The rules and regulations expand and clarify the CC&Rs. They detail everything homeowners can and cannot do to their home or in the common areas.

Why These Documents Are Necessary?

Governing documents give you a guideline to follow when making decisions. Without the governing documents, there are no rules to follow in the HOA. Homeowners can do whatever they want and the HOA can do whatever it wants. The documents protect both sides from harassment and conflicts by making rules and guidelines clear and well-defined, which creates a better environment and place to live.

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Mailing Address

Plum Creek HOA requires all mailing address changes to be submitted in writing. Only one mailing address can be on file at a time. Owners need to submit the request for a change of in writing.


Via Email:

Via Mail:
Plum Creek HOA
115 Kohlers Crossing, Ste 340
Kyle, TX 78640


Goodwin & Company
PO Box 203310
Austin, TX 78720-3310

Be sure to include your address in Plum Creek and the new mailing address.

Do not send updated mailing address to the payment processing center in Las Vegas. 

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Notices of Violations

Violation Notice Process- An Overview
Amended Violation Fine Resolution

The property is inspected twice monthly. Please make sure your yard is mowed, weeded, tree limbs are trimmed, trash cans are stored out of view, and items are not stored in your driveway.

For more detailed information, go to Resources. 

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Plum Creek Website Access

Plum Creek HOA residents have access to the residents only section of the Plum Creek website. If you are a new resident you can click the Sign Up link and complete the information. It can take 2 to 4 weeks after the closing for new buyer information to be added to the website directory before a new owner can sign up. If you lease the house, and the tenant wants to access the website, the tenant can bring a copy, or email a copy, of the current lease or lease renewal to us.

Plum Creek Office
115 Kohlers Crossing, Ste 340
Kyle, TX 78640


General website information about the links:
Resources: contain copies of the governing documents and rules
Plum Creek Post Newsletter: copies of past newsletters in Resources
Dynamic Forms: submit a violation concern to the manager
FAQs: answers questions about the Plum Creek homeowners association and the website
Reservations: reserves the room in the community center at 450 Haupt. 

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Pool Key & Rec ID

Pool Key & Rec Tag Information

You can pick up an ADT pool key and a recreational ID, year-round, at the Plum Creek office: 4100 Everett, suite 150, Kyle, 78640

Your HOA account needs to be paid current before a pool key can be issued. Residents 11 and up can be issued a recreational ID.

Option 1
  • You can come by the office and complete a pool waiver form.
  • We can take your picture for the recreational ID.
  • You can also make an appointment to come by the office: 
Tenants: we will need to see a copy of your current lease to verify current residency. 

Option 2
  • Complete a pool waiver form and email it back to our office:
  • Email a picture of yourself to us and we can import it into the recreational ID badge program. Include your name and address in the email.
  • The pool key and recreational ID can be mailed to you or you can drop by the office and pick them up.

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Resale Certificate Information

Contact Resale Department: 512-502-7543
Plum Creek HOA initial assessment: $100

If you need to request a resale certificate from Goodwin Management you can log onto and select the Order A Resale Certificate link. Requests are made online.

If you have questions you can email

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Street Lights

Street Light Outages:

The street lights in the right-of-ways of public streets are maintained by the City of Kyle Public Works. If you see a street light that is out you can email the closest address to City of Kyle Public Works:

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Street Parking

Most of the front streets in Plum Creek are public streets. There a few exceptions which are listed below. Here are general guidelines about public street parking:
  1. Parking on public street is allowed. 
    1. Refer to City of Kyle Police Department for questions about parking on a public street.
    2. Try not to block your neighbor's mailbox. USPS will not deliver mail if the mailbox is blocked. 
    3. Try not to clock your neighbor's driveway. Your neighbors have to leave for work, personal or emergency purposes. 
    4. Try not to park across from another vehicle on the street. This limits emergency vehicle access.
    5. Plum Creek is designed for cars to be parked in the driveways or garages. Narrow streets are for traffic calming and can become congested when vehicles are parked on the streets. 
  2. Alleyways behind the houses leading to the garages are not public streets.
    1. Alleys are designed for ingress and egress to the garages only.
    2. Parking in alleys can block your neighbor's ability to exit a driveway or garage.  
    3. Alleys are designed for emergency vehicle access and waste removal services. 
Private streets:
Echols, Michaelis, Auction Oak, Franke, Utterback, Edwin, Lightfoot, Grace, Ramage, Martha Lane, All streets in the Peninsula. 

These streets are generally defined as No Parking on the neighborhood plot plan. No Parking signs are erected if the private street is designed as a no parking zone.

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Welcome Packet

Welcome packets will be delivered by the volunteer welcome committee once a month. Homeowners associations rely on volunteers to help organize and communicate with the residents in the community. It can take about two to four weeks for the closing information to be processed. 

If you have questions about the content of the welcome packet, you can call the Plum Creek office at 512-262-1140. 

After the Closing 
There are many parties involved in the closing process. There is the seller (possibly the builder), the buyer, the real estate agent, and the title company. Once all the paperwork is signed, the title company will issue copies of the closing papers to the county to file, to the seller, the buyer and to the management company. The county and the management company receive paperwork for hundreds of closings per month and have to sort the information so that it is recorded properly. It can take the management company four to six weeks to process the information from the title company.

The management company will issue an introduction letter and coupon book after the paperwork is processed. You may also receive a statement after all the payments and charges are applied to your account. Charges are applied quarterly, due on the first day of each quarter and are late 30 days after the payment becomes due.

Payment due dates: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st
Late after the 30th day of the quarter. 

Found Below Under Welcome Packet:
  • New Resident Packet
  • Peninsula New Resident Packet
  • Welcome Packet
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Buyer/New Resident Information